Welcome to Watchword and Song: a podcast dedicated to having conversations that build bridges between the pulpit and the pew, between the academy and the grassroots. Our desire is to cut through the cultural trends, buzzwords, and labels. Not being pulled to the left or to the right, but calling the church to remain committed to the tension of the via media: the middle way.

Watchword and Song exists as a ministry partnership stemming from conversations across the denomination. We remain firmly rooted in the heritage of the holiness movement and the tenets of classical Wesleyan-Arminian Theology. We believe there are a lot of fruitful pastors and leaders that represent the heartbeat of the Church of the Nazarene whose stories need to be heard. We are excited to provide a platform for them.

The Church of the Nazarene was born out of a spirit of revival. We believe that’s our only hope for the future. It is our desire to see God ignite new fires in the hearts of His people. We are Christian. We are Holiness. We are Missional… This is our Watchword and Song.